Scholarship and Parent Information

It is time to start thinking about scholarships!

Summer Camp Scholarship:

Music camp scholarships are awarded to help growth of individual students as well as building the Sycamore Music program.  Sycamore school music students in grades 6-11 and currently enrolled  in the 2016-2017 music program are eligible to apply for a scholarship to be applied toward music camp this summer.  Scholarships are for up to a maximum of $250 for residential camps one week or more in length.  Day camps of at least 5 days in length –up to $50 for day camps costing $201 or more.  Students are eligible for one scholarship per year.  The application deadline is March 24, 2017.
Download Summer Camp Scholarship Application >>> Summer Camp Scholarship Application 2017

Senior Scholarship:

Up to three scholarships are awarded to SHS graduating seniors who will major in music at college. The scholarship application explains the award and each is a $750 scholarship.  In addition to the scholarships awarded by the music boosters, there is the Kirk Lundbeck Scholarship.  This is a $750 scholarship.  The deadline is April 28, 2017.
Download Senior Scholarship Application >>> Senior Scholarship Application 2017

Continuing Education College Scholarship:

The Continuing College Music Scholarship is available to one or several Sycamore High School graduates that are currently an undergraduate college junior or senior majoring in music.  This is a $500 scholarship.  The deadline is July 14, 2017.

Download Continuing Education College Scholarship Application >>> Continuing College Scholarship Application 2017

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