Hall of Fame

The Sycamore Music Boosters are very pleased to announce a music awards program titled the “Sycamore High School Music Hall of Fame.”  This ongoing awards program will recognize and award a variety of SHS alumni and music advocates who have demonstrated superior participation and/or support of the Sycamore music programs.

We are particularly excited about the four award categories, each of which will recognize different ways in which SHS alums and members of our community have contributed to the ongoing standards of excellence in our music programs.  They are as follows:

Ovation Award:  Given to a SHS graduate who demonstrated superior performance and participation in music throughout his/her high school experience.

Legacy Award:  Given to an SHS graduate who demonstrated superior performance and participation in music throughout his/her high school experience, AND, who has continued to demonstrate superior involvement in music through continued education, professional, and volunteer involvement in music.

Advocate Award:  Given to an individual who has outstanding qualities as an advocate for the music programs in the Sycamore School District.

Distinguished Alumni Award:  Given to an SHS graduate who demonstrated superior participation in music throughout his/her high school experience.  Beyond high school, the individual must have a record of truly distinguished and exceptional performance/service/achievement in their vocation and/or avocation outside of music.

Questions? Contact Music Hall of Fame Chairs John & Laura Hulseberg at hulseberg@comcast.net.

Below are the links to nomination and award categories. Applications are now being accepted with the submission deadline of October 1, 2017.

2017-2018 Music Hall of Fame Nomination Form and Criteria


Congratulations to the

SHS Music Hall of Fame Inductees:





Photo-Christine Monteiro


Christine Wild Monteiro

Legacy Award Recipient






Photo-Jerry Taylor



Jerry Taylor

Ovation Award Recipient









Craig & Joyce Mathey

Advocate Award Recipients






Sara (Englum) Velarde

Ovation Award Recipient









Bob Abel-Head Shot


Robert Abel

Advocate Award Recipient







JIm Hendricks-Head Shot B&W


James P. Hendricks

Legacy Award Recipient







Dan Andree-Violin #2


Daniel Andree

Legacy Award Recipient







Marilyn Montzka-Head Shot


Marilyn Montzka

Advocate Award Recipient








Paul Marchese Pro


Paul Marchese

Legacy Award Recipient







Eric Montzka Drums


Eric Montzka

Legacy Award Recipient




Karl Montzka


Karl Montzka

Legacy Award Recipient









Peter Benson-current.jpg


Pete Benson

Legacy Award Recipient








Kara Eubanks-Headshot


Kara Eubanks

Legacy Award Recipient








Lori Grant-Head Shot


Lori  McMillion Grant

Legacy Award Recipient












Jeffrey Hepker

Legacy Award Recipient







Ann Montzka Smelser

Legacy Award Recipient









Kirk Lundbeck

Legacy Award Recipient


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